This article is an examination of the first response emergency agencies within the State of California and the Federal Government. The objective was to determine how effective physical fitness and training is for first response emergency personnel. Within this work, a brief outline of the history of each emergency response agency is given. In addition, an in-depth description of physical fitness requirements and protocols for graduation are provided. Through the comparison of each agency on a detailed level, this research was able to discover whether or not the State of California was meeting or exceeding Federal physical fitness standards for the population of first response emergency personnel. Through in-depth comparison, it found that certain agencies lack a national governing doctrine that would aid agencies in their efforts to establish more comprehensive training programs. As a result of the lack of a national governing doctrine, agencies have failed in helping their first responders maintain physical prowess; thereby putting them at great risk.


Lita Megan Grace

Ms. Grace is currently an Adjunct Professor at Chabot Community College, housed in the Department of Physical Education and Athletics in order to fulfill her dual role to the college as Head Softball Coach. Professor Grace graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a BA in Biological Anthropology and a minor in History. Afterwards, she obtained an MS in Criminology with Distinction at California State University, Fresno. All of Professor Grace’s work was funded by the DHS Scientific Leadership Award, which included grant and scholarship money. Professor Grace is an active member of the California State Mitigation and Assessment Review Team (SMART). She has also served as the core curriculum/SLO developer at the 2011 CEMHS Model Curriculum Meeting in Sacramento, CA. In the future, she will be attending the 2012 FEMA EMI Higher Education Conference where she will serve as a moderator and discussion facilitator.

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Training and Education for First Response Emergency Personnel: An Examination of Physical Fitness Requirements for the State of California and the Federal Government

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Grace, L. M. (2012). Training and education for first response emergency personnel: An examination of physical fitness requirements for the State of California and the Federal Government. Journal of Homeland Security Education, 1(2), 29-41, https://jsire.org/training-and-education-for-first-response-emergency-personnel-an-examination-of-physical-fitness-requirements-for-the-state-of-california-and-the-federal-government