Assessing practitioner experience as it relates to subject theory can be challenging, but critically important, in homeland defense and security programs where student experiences are often utilized in the process of applying learning objectives. Consequently, a common question that faces educators is: How can seemingly unique practitioner experiences be consistently applied to appropriate theory and assessed for the understanding of course learning objectives? This commentary explores how reflective journaling can utilize unique practitioner experiences that can be applied to learning objectives. The commentary concludes with a model of how educators can apply reflective journaling to assess learning of course objectives and improve individual and organizational performance.


Kenneth Goldberg

Kenneth I. Goldberg is an Associate Professor at National University where he is the Lead Faculty and Program Lead for a Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security and Emergency Management program. Before joining National University in 2001 he completed a career in the United States Navy. Dr. Goldberg obtained his doctoral degree from the University of La Verne in Public Administration.

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Reflective Journaling: Building Bridges between Theory and Practice

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Goldberg, K. (2012). Reflective journaling:  Building bridges between theory and practice. Journal of Homeland Security Education, 1, 63-69, https://jsire.org/reflective-journaling-building-bridges-between-theory-and-practice