Theory is an integral component of emergency management/homeland security (EMHS) higher education curricula. Professors of EMHS employ theories that help describe, prescribe, explain, and predict the outcomes of phenomena and processes. In addition to practical theories, EMHS professors employ learning theories that address the teaching and learning processes. This article identifies ways learning is studied and researched in EMHS education and connects that learning and research to the field. A cross-disciplinary scoping review examines three approaches to higher education EMHS higher education teaching and learning. 


Jenifer Classen

Jenifer Classen, M.E.T., is a graduate student in the Learning, Design, and Technology Ph.D. program at Pennsylvania State University. She studies learning in school safety and emergency management through social and organizational learning approaches. Jen was a high school math and computer science teacher and a district-wide secondary instructional technology coach.

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No. 6 Studying Learning in Action: A Scoping Review and Cross-Disciplinary Discussion of Conceptualizing Learning in Emergency Management and Homeland Security Education